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Help to SELECT from the product listing below * What drum size will be used? * Do drums come with a 2" bung, are drums used as "open head" drums with the cover removed. * What accessories will be used? * Is the equipment used "stationary" or moved around the shop? * We offer different types of carts or dollies. What is the condition of the floor in the shop? We offer carts or dollies with large wheels, a caster base is excellent on a smooth surface. * We have optional oil flow meters. Standard, included in the Set is a digital flow meter. We offer PRESET meters!

Oil dispenser sets with 5:1 air pumps. * We offer sets for professional applications with our TRUE BLUE PUMPS with a higher delivery rate. * Sets with our VALUE LINE PUMPS if price is important. * We build air pumps and individually test each pump in our plant. * VALUE LINE Pumps have a 5 year warranty. * TRUE BLUE Pumps have a 10 year warranty. * Sets come with digital Badger oil flow meters, Reelcraft hose reels and carts or a caster base. * Compared with similar sets offered online we offer top quality components Made in USA. * We use Badger oil meters that actually work, Reelcraft hose reels, both top American Brand Names. * We use US made medium pressure hoses meeting the S.A.E. R1T requirements. No bursting and accidental oil flooding. * Our equipment is serviced in the USA.